Dec. 21, 2021

Health and Wellness in the New Year!

Health and Wellness in the New Year!

Health and Wellness in the New Year!

Princess Cooper, Producer of Pressure Points Unpacked will interview our Host and LMT Tyra Little, along with Dr. Tawana Roberson and Dr. Lawana Stembridge on the importance of health and wellness.

Tyra K. Little, Host


Tyra Little is the Host of Pressure Points Unpacked Podcast, a vision that she received last year on the seventh anniversary of her son’s murder. Upon declaring to the Lord that she would no longer be silent the Lord gave her vision for the podcast.

Tyra has experienced multiple trauma’s in life and she has been determined to see herself as a victor instead of victim. By keeping God first as well as seeking counseling she learned that it’s necessary to examine, and process life issues from a emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level.

On her journey to healing she discovered part of her purpose is to share her continued healing process in hopes to assist others in their process.

Lawana Stembridge

Doctor of chiropractic

Dr. Lawana Stembridge, affectionately known as Dr. Stem, is from Sumter, South Carolina and now resides in Blythewood, South Carolina.

Dr. Stem is a passionate chiropractor who believes that patient care should be a physician’s primary focus. She specializes in patient education as well as maintenance and prevention of spinal-related illnesses.

Dr. Stembridge has a huge love for people and has over 10 years of experience with patient care. She holds a doctoral degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina and has certifications in Activator method, pediatrics, and Webster technique.

In her spare time, she enjoys interior decorating, cooking and spending quality time with her loving husband and two children.

Tawana Roberson

Dr. and Owner of lifeexpressionshwc

Dr. Tawana Roberson, affectionately known as Dr. Rob, is from Sumter, South Carolina. As a child, she knew that she had a passion for patient care as she loved to help take care of family members. Graduating from Lakewood High School with a Superior Scholar’s diploma, she embarked upon her initial educational studies at South Carolina State University where she successfully finished with a bachelor's degree in Biology, minoring in Chemistry. Torn with what to do, she did what she was taught and knew best to do - pray about her next path of education, which led her to the opportunity to visit Sherman College of Chiropractic. She had no idea how greatly a chiropractic path would not only change her life, but all of those connected to her.

After graduating from Sherman College in 2008, Dr. Rob began her career as New Patient Care Coordinator and Rehab Specialist where she would put her passion to work. Realizing it was time to step out on faith, Dr. Roberson joined with her twin sister who has been right by her side the entire journey to open a dynamic practice where they will take chiropractic care to another level.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Roberson has had the privilege of treating patients from all spectrums, from newborns to the elderly and athletes. Helping patients be relieved of minor headaches due to sinus issues, become symptom-free of disc disorders, musculoskeletal disorders and endocrine related illness and more are truly passions. Dr. Roberson treats all patients like they matter because they DO! Using many methods of treatment, Dr. Roberson treats each patient based on individual needs with the knowledge that not all methods work the same for all patients. Each service is specially tailored to each patient's unique needs and response to treatment.

Dr. Roberson is married to the love of her life, Antonio, and together they have three beautiful children. Dr. Rob resides in Blythewood, South Carolina where she loves spending time with family, exercising and is involved in her church community. Dr. Roberson educates wherever she is and can - one of which is her work as a professor at several local colleges where she teaches anatomy, physiology, medical terminology and many other subjects under the health science umbrella.

Dr. Roberson's motto is “education is key”, and she firmly believes when you learn what is best for you, you do what is best for you.