Pastor Tracy Hugie

Guest Co-Host

AngeloTracy Hugie is a native of Charleston, SC. He is the Pastor of Grace Place MInistries and the president of Grace Alive Non-Profit that focuses on youth development. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Religion and Evangelism from Liberty University.
He is married to Dr. Cerissa, a doctor of psychiatric nursing practice. They have four children, Jordan Christopher, Savana Beth, George-Angelo, Eliza-Jane. Tracy has served in various ministry capacities such as minister of music, youth pastor, and director
of facilities. Tracy is passionate about extending God’s grace to others, and he believes that the heart of ministry is compelling men and women to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ and making disciples. He desires to leave everything on the table for
God and to live a life poured out in service to the King.

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